Is it complicated to use?  No not at all, all the controls are extremely intuitive and you will receive a comprehensive vehicle handover.

Can I take it abroad?  Yes you can for a small additional fee of £30.

I am a young driver can I still hire the camper van?  Yes, for an additional fee you can hire the van (must be aged over 23)

Will bedding be provided?  Personally, I prefer to sleep in my own sleeping bag and use my own pillow, I am sure most others do too, therefore we advise you bring your own bedding.  Should you wish bedding to be provided by us, we can do this for an additional fee.  (Freshly laundered)

What will be provided in the van?  All the essentials you will need, plates, mugs, cutlery, saucepans, kettle, T towels, washing up liquid, cloths, dustpan & brush, bin bags & everything else you need to cater for yourselves and keep the van ship shape and tidy!

Can I bring my dog?  Yes we welcome well behaved dogs.  An additional fee of £30 is added for a dog to cover a thorough interior clean, ensuring non pet lovers are not affected in any way. 

Can I smoke in the van?  No, smoking is strictly prohibited.

Will it have fuel in it?  Yes, your van will be full of fuel when you collect the van and must be returned full.

I want to take bikes with me, is that possible?  Absolutely, we can hire you a tow bar mounted cycle carrier that is capable of taking up to 4 bikes.  We also hire bikes if you don't have your own, please contact us for hire rates.

I am not sure we will get all our baggage on board, can we take a trailer?  Yes, our sister company  ensures you can rent a trailer at a special rate with camper van hire.  That way, you can take your own kitchen sink if you would like!

Can I park my car when I collect the van?  Yes, we can offer parking for your car, either on a private driveway or street parking in a quiet village (NB: we take no responsibility for the vehicle if left at or near one of our sites)

Can you fill it with food for me?  Yes, if you would like to order a food delivery, this can be arranged so that it is loaded into your van prior to your departure, please contact us for further details.

What if it runs out of camping gas?  The camper van is provided with two gas bottles, one of which is always full, so if it runs out, you just have to switch the bottles over.

What if I break down?  The van is brand new, with a full manufacturer warranty and European breakdown cover.  If in the unlikely event they cannot get you going, we will endeavour to get you a replacement vehicle to continue your holiday (subject to availability)

I am coming from overseas, how will you cater for me?  We will do our upmost to ensure that you have a pleasant and stress free holiday.  With prior notice, we can arrange for you to be collected from the airport, book you into a local hotel if you are jet lagged! Ensure you have a campsite booked for your first night away, etc etc  Nothing is impossible for us.